I am asking everyone who is interested in the Science for Peace movement, to make their voices heard,
          to join the movement and support us with renewed energy.
Umberto Veronesi               
Science for Peace

Last year, I often questioned the limits of our tolerance and acceptance with regards to war. I believe the limits are beyond our imagination. This is why I believe it is an ever-growing need and of primary importance to talk about peace and to work for peace. Winds of war are not only felt in Italy; throughout the world, they are passing by our shores, and approaching us, putting people through hardships and stressful situations. The world is facing new difficulties in addition to the “ordinary” misfortunes that emerge during wars.

Wars between people, wars for freedom, for independence, for survival, for food sources, for water… Wars for life. The contradiction in this situation is harder to accept today than ever. As a scientist, I am continuing my service to peace, through the Science for Peace movement. This movement has created important synergies, has opened paths for peace through science, and has carried forth medical doctors to far away places to serve more people.

Science for Peace continues this challenging and extraordinary mission, but our efforts are not sufficient, especially now. I am asking everyone who reads these words, and who is interested in the Science for Peace movement, to make their voices heard, to join the movement and support us with renewed energy. Thank you!

Umberto Veronesi
President of Science for Peace

The Science for Peace International Conference, which we are accustomed to watching from a distance, will be moved to the international platform here in Istanbul in Turkey for the very first time with participants from Europe, Middle East, America and Central Asia. This Peace Summit will gather in Istanbul on October 3rd and 4th 2012.

We believe this is a historic organization which is a milestone for not only Turkey and Istanbul but also the Science for Peace Conference as well.

This organization confirms Turkey’s increasing role in the Middle East and world Peace without a doubt.
On the occasion of Conference, the heart of the world peace and science will beat in Istanbul and the people hoping for a global peace will see that this hope is prevalent here in Istanbul and Turkey.

All problems regarding world peace and contribution of science to peace will be discussed, argued and will be answered in Istanbul.

Istanbul represents a great synthesis of peace and tolerance right in the middle of Asia’s unique richness and other side modern values of Europe.

Thanks to the Science for Peace International Conference, Istanbul will take a huge step in becoming one of the “Peace” centers of the world in addition to its various aspects.

This important gathering, we believe, will contribute to achieving significant results and conveying important messages to the world about humanity, peace, justice and development.

Dida Kaymaz
President of the Life without Cancer Association
Turkish Representative of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation (FUV)